New Quicky Copper Pan Cookbook (102 pages)


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Quick and Delicious Blue Ribbon Recipes Anyone Can Make in Minutes Anywhere! This beautiful full color 102 page cookbook shows you 50 exciting All-American Favorite Quicky Pan recipes. Do you crave homemade Waffles, Pizza, or an Omelette, but don't know the difference between, frying, broiling and baking? Don’t worry you can become a great chef with the QUICKY COPPER PAN and create everything from mouthwatering entrees to decadent snacks. The QUICKY COPPER PAN COOKBOOK is an easy step-by step guide to cooking our All-American Blue Ribbon Recipes. With the QUICKY COPPER PAN and these quick and tasty recipes you’ll know everything you  need to make you’re favorite meals and snacks like: Authentic Italian Pizza, Omelettes & Waffles, Quesadillas & Wraps, Gourmet Hamburgers, Chicken, Steak and Fish. So forget food from a from a box, frozen dinners, and takeout!  The QUICKY COPPER PAN COOKBOOK shows you how to craft tasty, homemade meals FASTER THAN A MICROWAVE AND TASTIER THAN AN  OVEN!