Non Stick Copper Pan (Double-Sided)

If you’ve ever planned a delicious, romantic meal, you know how deflated it can leave you if you’re struggling with a “sticky” pan or one with dead heating spots. That’s why we created the Quicky Copper Pan made to offer a better cooking surface with a touch of modern design. The perfect addition to any home kitchen, our nonstick pans are stronger, more durable, and even more efficient than conventional pans.

  • COOKS 4x FASTER THAN AN OVENGet microwave speed and ease-of-use with a hot oven taste and texture. The Quicky is a fast-heating, saving time and electricity.
  • FLIP N’ HEAT EVENLY: EASY TO CLEAN: 100% dishwasher safe.
  • SUPER DURABLE: Made of premium, heavy-duty die-cast aluminum with a triple-layer copper-infused surface that stands up to whisk, knives, scrapers, and more!
  • COPPER-INFUSED CERAMIC FOR YOUR HEALTH: No more using butter or oil. The copper-infused ceramic surface lets everything slip off when you’re done—even cheese! No more greasing the pan = no more empty calories.
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