Quicky Camping Stove


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Camping Stove

Sleek, powerful, and lightweight, our Camping Stove is the way to go for any camping trip. With a smooth metal body, our stove ensures an easy and enjoyable cooking experience. This iconic little stove delivers swift power at a small price—a perfect fit for your camping gear, emergency gear, or even a small BBQ!

  • It locks the butane canister in place, allowing the range to ignite; if the lock is not in place, it will not ignite. 
  • Designed to be portable/Lightweight
  • Removable burner and dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning a breeze. 
  • Comes with Protective Plastic Carrying Case!
  • Uses Standard Butane Canister. 

About The Camping Stove 

It features a manual control knob to increase or decrease the flame, giving it an adjustable heat range (from boiling hot to simmering) and a high-impact hard plastic black carrying case for easy transportation.

  • CSA certified for safety; fuel sold separately.

  • With a high heat of 8,000 BTUs, this portable Quicky Pan Camping Stove with a solid brass burner is perfect for outdoor cooking where electricity or a gas stove is not available.
  • For superior safety, this portable butane range features a lock feature.

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