The 7 Best Camping Gear Products in 2019

Camping Gear for 2019 

Summer isn't far away and it will bum me if I couldn’t enjoy a hot and tasty meal outdoors the same way I do indoors. Now you can, Introducing the Quicky Copper Pan 7 pieces included weighing only 10 pounds everything fits in your Durable-Backpack that can withstand the elements.



If you’re a BackpackerCamping enthusiastshikerhunter whatever you do that involves outdoors sports it’s wise to own a Quicky Copper Pan. What if you get hungry in Africa somewhere in the Rainforest but the shrub and branches are soaked with water you now can pull out your portable camping kitchen and cook a hot meal without lighting a fire that easy? Only with the Quicky Pan set! 

1. Non-Stick Copper Pan 

The double-sided copper pan provides two types of surfaces - flat interior surface and a raised ribbed external surface. You can flip the pan and cook food on both sides to disperse the heat. Quicky Copper Pan cooks fast like a microwave but delivers even heating and fresh-out-the-oven taste to food.

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2. Butane Camping Stove 

With a high heat of 8,000 BTUs, this portable Quicky Pan Camping Stove with a solid brass burner is perfect for outdoor cooking where electricity or a gas stove is not available. 

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3. Multi-Purpose & Hiking Backpack

This backpack has space and compartments you need to carry the Compete Quicky Camping Kitchen and when you are Hiking, Fishing, Snowboarding, Surfing and more! This extra strong backpack looks great, lightweight, easy to wash and provides a long reliable service life.

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4. Round Silicone Baking Molds

Super Thick 7 Cavity Mold for Round Egg English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches, Slider Burgers, Dessert Treats, and Tasty Appetizers!


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5. Silicone Ultra-Premium Waffle Mold

Non-Stick Easy Twist, Pop-Out Design Makes Super Easy Food Release & Cleanup.

  • Quicky Pan, Dishwasher and Freezer Safe! Thick Commercial Kitchen Grade Design. 
  • Lifetime Warranty 

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6. Durable Quicky Copper Pan Thermo-Vented Glass Lid

The high-quality Glass Lid has a Thermo-vent, releases excess heat. The safe tight-fit lid is easy to use with the Quicky Copper Pan. Use the Glass Lid to keep ingredients warm on one side of the pan while cooking final parts of a recipe on the other side of the pan.

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Quicky Camping Stove Carry Case 

Add even more portability to your Quicky Pan stove when you pack it in a durable Quicky Propane Stove Carry Case. This heavy-duty case protects the stove while you're storing it and transporting it. 

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