The Impressive Quicky Copper Pan (2 Hinged Pieces) 100% Heavy Duty Commercial Food Grade Safe Silicone Ultra-Premium Waffle Mold Rugged Quicky Multipurpose Carry-All Backpack Durable Quicky Copper Pan Thermo-Vented Glass Lid Safe & Proven Quicky Pan Camping Stove


Wonderful Oven Quality  Flavor And Crispiness Right From The Pan!

Double-Sided Heating System 
Converts Incredible Stovetop Quicky Pan Into Remarkable Conductive Heat Oven.

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The Pan that Flips

Amazing Double-Sided Quicky Pan Cooks Chicken, Fish, Steak, Burgers, Pizza and More!

Remarkable Oven Fresh Flavor Right From The Pan! Whether, Grilled, Pressure Cooked Or Fried your meals will be crispy, juicy and melt in your mouth without sacrificing hours of your time dealing with an oven and a difficult clean up.



The Double-Sided Quicky Copper Pan's  exterior is made of heavy duty die cast copper infused aluminum with a Non- Stick Ceramic Interior. Whether you’re cooking at home with Quicky Copper Pan, or in the great outdoors with the Complete Quicky Outdoor Kitchen you'll be amazed at how fast crispy and delicious your food cooks! You can even cook without oils and butter if you're on a special diet because food won’t stick! Durable and dishwasher safe, the Quicky Copper Pan is easy to clean and maintain. This versatile and efficient pan also works outdoors. The COMPLETE QUICKY INDOOR & OUTDOOR COOKING KITCHEN comes with the portable Quicky Pan Camping Stove with a solid brass burner that’s perfect for outdoor cooking. Also, includes the high quality thermo-vented QUICKY PAN GLASS LID which releases excess heat and clearly shows you how your food is cooking. And there’s more, you get two 100% Heavy Duty Commercial Food Grade and High Temperature Safe Silicone Molds. Make perfectly shaped English Muffin Egg, Ham and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches, Slider Burgers, Dessert Treats, and Tasty Appetizers. Plus, take your camping kitchen anywhere with the Rugged Quicky Multipurpose Carry-All Backpack. It’s perfect for Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Snowboarding, Surfing and more!



This one-of-a-kind double sided copper pan provides two types of surfaces - a flat interior surface and a raised ribbed external surface. You can flip the pan and cook food on both sides to distribute the heat evenly, so you get perfectly cooked meals every single time! The Quicky Copper Pan cooks as fast as a microwave but delivers an even heating and fresh out-of-the-oven texture and taste to food. The removable hinge is durable, secure and safe. With the Quicky Copper Pan you can give your food a flip to cook it on two sides. No more cold spots — no more scorching! Made of premium, heavy-duty die cast copper-infused aluminum with a triple-layer  ceramic interior surface that stands up to whisks, knives, scrapers, and more! The Non-Stick interior ceramic surface lets everything slip off when you’re done—even cheese! Secret is the double-sided energized Quicky Copper Pan converts your pan into a conductive heat oven on your stovetop burner or Quicky Camping Stove. The specially designed double-sided pan traps heat and flavor inside and cooks food crispy like an oven. Perfect for re-heating frozen pizza and leftovers instantly restoring that fresh out of the oven crispiness and flavor! BPA, PFOA and PTFE free and dishwasher safe. 



Whether you are grilling, searing, frying or sautéing, the Quicky Copper Pan makes it a breeze. With the Quicky Copper Pan’s durable aluminum construction and superior easy-glide non-stick interior you get wonderful, long lasting cooking performance. The safe tight-fit lid is easy to use with the Quicky Copper Pan and it's durable and long lasting. The high quality thermo-vent lid releases excess heat and clearly shows you how your food is cooking. It’s never been easier to home-cook healthy, delicious meals. The Quicky Copper Pan cooks quickly and evenly, lets the stickiest food come right off, and requires no greasing. If you’re tired of frozen food, if you’re ready to take your health into your own hands, if you’re ready to have quick, perfectly-cooked, delicious meals in minutes with easy clean-up, then it’s time to get a Quicky Copper Pan!

"Everybody Loves A Quicky!"

The complete Quicky Outdoor  Kitchen comes with almost everything you need for cooking when you're camping, hunting or fishing - except the kitchen sink! This collection is one that I love because its fast and easy  to create tasty hot meals for lots of people like our hungry family of four. Plus the copper-infused aluminum pan is a great cooking performer, as well as, the non-stick ceramic interior is easy to clean up afterward.

Jeremy Daniels, Denver, CO

The Quicky folks set up this basic pan set with some attributes and features that optimize efficiency without bogging you down with gimmicky additions. The ceramic non-stick interior construction of this pan is what sets it apart; it is the only camping equipment I've used that features this technology. It makes clean-up a snap.

Bryan Anderson, Austin, TX

I just tried one pan pasta recently and loved the ease in getting dinner ready so fast for the kids. With no mess and few prep steps. A popular conversation for me and my friends is around quick dishes that have oven taste and crispiness. I’ve rounded up some delicious options that are easy to prepare and have kid-friendly appeal. Mac and cheese in a Quicky Pan anyone? Or how about homemade cheeseburgers or a 5 minute pizza? It's Quicky Pan to the rescue!

Britany Johnson, Pasadena, CA